Chiang Mai

Nestling in the rolling hills of Northern Thailand rests Chiang Mai, The Rose of The North.

Lying in a rich, fertile valley fed by the waters that flow from the hills to the mighty Ping river Chiang Mai enjoys a cooler, fresher climate than Bangkok. The whole area is bursting with nature and life.
King Mengrai founded the city in 1296, and it succeeded Chiang Rai as the capital of the Lannathai kingdom. Lanna means a million rice fields and is further indication of the abundance and diversity of flora and fauna that you will find at every turn here.

It is no wonder then that it has become a favourite center for tourism and boasts world class hotels, spas and recreational facilities. At the same time the city has a modern infrastructure and is connected by an international airport making travel here extremely easy.

Chiang Mai Transport

Chiang Mai is well served by Rail, Bus and Plane transport.


The state railway operates around 14 trains a day to Chiang Mai Station from Bangkok. Many journeys run overnight and the journey takes approximately 12 to 15 hours. Most trains offer a first-class service with private cabins, and a second-class service with fold-down sleeping berths.

Chiang Mai Railway Station, tel. (053) 242094, 244795, 247462, 245363-4.

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Chiang Mai Buses

The Central Chang Pheuak terminal provides local services to other locations within Chiang Mai province.

The Chiang Mai Arcade terminal, north-east of the city, runs a service several times a day to Bangkok (a 10 to 12 hour journey). This terminal also provides services to over 20 other destinations around Thailand.

Chiang Mai Planes

Chiang Mai International Airport receives up to fifteen flights a day from Bangkok, and also serves as a local hub for services to other Northern cities such as Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. International services also connect Chiang Mai with other regional centres.

Below is a list of some of the airlines that use Chiang Mai international airport. Please be aware that this information is subject to change and is offered as a guide only.



Orient-Thai airways: