Chiang Mai Trekking Tours

Combine elephant riding, white water rafting and bamboo rafting with energetic hikes through the most beautiful sceenery in Northern Thailand. My Chiang Mai trekking tours will take you to the best places and introduce you to the wonders of the flora and fauna as well as the traditional hilltribe peoples of this exciting part of our world.

The mountains and valleys surropunding Chiang Mai in northern Thailand are home to a variety of ancient hilltribe peoples that have lived the same way for centuries. Their hillside villages are a delight to discover and our well organised treks will get you there safely, with days filled with amazing views, the delights of the rich vegetation and the fascinating variety of animals and insects.

There are also adventures to be had as we experience white water rafting and journeys on the backs of the magestic and mighty elephants that have roamed here for centuries. On our Chiang Mai Trekking tours we will gently float along the calmer stretches of rivers on bamboo rafts relaxing to the gentle murmur of the jungle all around us before more energetic treks up the steep trails and along the verdent mountain valleys that have been traversed by the local people for generations.

The Mekong River

1 day Chiang Mai Trekking Tour (T01)

Depart from hotel at 8.30am with one and a half hour drive to the Elephant Camp in San Patong area. Start the tour with a one and a half hour elephant ride through the river and the jungle and follow with a 40 minute walk to Hmong Hill Tribe Village and lunch will be provided at the Shan Hill Tribe Village.

After lunch, drive on to visit Karen Hill Tribe and then walk about fifteen minutes through beautiful scenery to a waterfall where you can swim and relax in the spectacular surroundings.

After that it will be time for bamboo rafting along the scenic Mae Win River for one and a half hours. The rafting is great fun, but very safe, fine also for kids, as the water is very shallow. Then drive back to Chiang Mai.

8.30 am – 16.00 pm

One day trekking North of Chiang Mai - Mae Tang

1 Day Trekking Tour -Mae Tang Area (T02)

At 08:30am we leave Chiang Mai and head north stopping at an Orchid and Butterfly farm on the way to the Mae Tang elephant Camp. After a 1 hour elephant riding we have a short walk to a riverside camp where we will enjoy our lunch.

In the afternoon we will hike for about 1 hour to a jungle waterfall and pool perfect for swimming and relaxing. Refreshed we continue our trek to the Mae Tang river where we will enjoy white water rafting after which we will transfer to more gentle bamboo rafting which will take us back to our transportation

We have a short drive back to Chinag Mai and arrive at around 5:00 pm.

Chiang Mai trekking

2 days 1 night Chiang Mai Trekking Tour - Mae Tang area (T03)

Day 1
Depart Chiang Mai at 9:30am and drive to a local market.
Drive a further 1 hour to the start point of the trek.
Trek for 1 hour and stop for lunch.
Trek for a further 3 hours.
Spend the night in a local Lahu village.

Day 2
After breakfast trek for 3 hours to the Elephant Camp. Ride elephants through the jungle and along the river for about 1 hour.
Stop for lunch.
White water rafting along the Mae Tang River for 1 Hour.
Change to Bamboo rafting for a further hour. Drive to an Akha village.

Return to Chiang Mai around 17:00pm.

Three Day Trekking Chiang Mai

3 days 2 nights Chiang Mai Trekking Tour -Mae Tang Area (T04)

Day 1
Leave Chiang Mai by truck. Drive for two hours along a picturesque track through plains and curves with steep drops and spectacular scenery.
Stop for lunch at waterfall.
Drive through the Mountains to a natural hot spring where you can swim and bathe in the natural waters.
Walk for three hours to a Karen Hill Tribe Village, where you will see the Tribes people in their natural surroundings carrying out their daily life.
Dinner and accommodation at the village.

Day 2
A steep three hour trek through the dense forest to the Karen Village where lunch will be served.
Then take a two hour Elephant Safari ride through the forest to a Lahu Hill Tribe village. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3
After Breakfast walk to the rafting camp. Raft along the Mae Tang River for 1 hour.
Change to bamboo rafts for a further hour.
Lunch at Shan Hill Tribe village.
Visit Akha village.
get picked up by truck and return to Chiang Mai around 17.00pm.