Chiang Mai Tours

Chiang Mai is surrounded by a rich variety of places to visit and things to do. Chiang Mai Destination can offer you the most comprehensive Chiang Mai Tours available. We have such an extensive knowledge of this area and our experience as northern Thailand guides is such that we may very well find places for you to visit that are not available through other tour operators.

I invite you to look through our tours which are divided into one day tours, half day tours and evening tours. You should also view our Chiang Mai Package Tours and see if you might enjoy combinig your sightseeing and adventures with one or two nights accommodation outside of Chiang Mai. Our package tours include all transport, entrance fees, accommodation and a midday meal.

Chiang Mai Tours

Our extensive selection of Chiang Mai Tours will introduce you to the rich flora and fauna of this area. The hills and mountains are teeming with life and covered by lush trees and plants. They say that if you plant a stick in the morning here it will grow to a tree in the evening. Whilst this is certainly not true it does indicate just how rich and fertile the land is both in the mountains and the valleys. Everywhere there is the murmur of the bubbling streams that feed the mighty rivers like the Maekong and the Ping. There are many wonderful waterfalls hidden away in the hills and we are able to find them all over Northern Thailand.

Northern Thailand Tours

When asked what visitors most enjoyed about their stay in Northern Thailand they will often answer that it is the generocity and politeness of the local Lanna people that made their time here so wonderful. There is a rich diversity of peoples here from hill tribes that have farmed and hunted the hills and mountains for centuries through Northern Thailand and further throught Laos, Burma, and even Vietnam. Further to that the influence from Burma is demonstrated in architechture and art through to massage and cooking. Our Chiang Mai tours will help to introduce you to a variety of these cultures.

At Chiang Mai destination we are able to offer completely tailor made excusrsions for you and your family or group. We are independent of other organisations and are therefore free to put together trips and tours that suit your personal and individual interests and desires. We have organised specialist photography tours, detailed tours aimed specifically at viewing and experiencing the local ethnic hilltribe populations, fishing trips as well as golfing tours. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or special requirements for a Chiang Mai Tour. I will be delighted to help you get the experiences that you are searching for amongst the colourful, welcoming and diverse peoples found among the rolling mountains and vibrant valleys of Chiang Mai and the surrounding area of Northern Thailand.